Unauthorised bike jumps and tracks

Bike jumps.jpg

Our community enjoys a very active lifestyle outdoors and our city is home to a number of amazing facilities and spaces to exercise and play.

Even though we have some great facilities on offer, there has been an increase in unauthorised bike track and jump construction.

While we understand it may seem like harmless fun to build a few dirt jumps in an empty grassed area or bushland, these jumps are a concern for both community safety and our environment.

We continue to monitor bike tracks and we will remove them if construction and use becomes excessive, impacts our environment or the local amenity of residents or becomes a risk to public safety.


Why can’t people build their own bike jumps?

Finding an appropriate site or location for this type of infrastructure needs to consider factors including proximity to residential homes and the local environment.

Construction of tracks may result in damage to bushland including areas with endangered ecological communities, threatened species or Aboriginal heritage value. And just because “no one was using the bush” does not mean its biodiversity and intrinsic environmental value are not important to our community.

We also need to ensure that structures built on Council land are safe – for both the users and passers-by. When community members build their own jumps, we can’t ensure that what has been built is safe – either in the design or construction.

How are bike jump locations rehabilitated?

Rehabilitation works undertaken by Council may include:

  • Installing signage to notify the community that creating bike jumps and tracks is unauthorised
  • Removing jumps, rocks, debris and rubbish
  • Installing temporary fencing to block future access
  • Using logs and branches to block tracks and cleared areas to allow the bush to regenerate
  • Planting and mulching to mitigate environmental impacts.

Where else can I ride my bike?

Lake Macquarie City is home to a range of quality cycling, mountain biking and walking trails that cater for all levels of experience.

We have purpose-built BMX tracks at Argenton and Cameron Park, and more than 12 skate/bmx facilities across the City. Formalised cross-country mountain bike trails are also located in Awaba State Forest and Glenrock State Conservation Area.

We’ve also got a number of exciting bike facilities in the pipeline with a purpose-built BMX facility identified for Rathmines and three new multi-use skate/BMX facilities for Morisset, Windale and Croudace Bay on the way in coming years.