Shared Pathway Etiquette

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We all love getting out and exploring our City on foot, bike, scooter or skateboard so it's important we do so while keeping ourselves and each other safe.

Our cycleways and shared pathways are used by a wide variety of community members. They're a great smooth ride for children transitioning from four wheels to two, a long stretch for athletes to train, exercise and condition, a relaxing walk for parents with prams, or families and friends and a great place to keep active for our older residents. Knowing the wide range of users and usages of our tracks it's important we take measures to keep them as they have been intended, as a shared, welcoming and safe place for all to enjoy.

Following these simple measures can ensure our roads and shared pathways are safe and enjoyable for all users:

  • If you are on a bicycle ring your bell or politely warn those in front that you are approaching from behind or passing beside. 
  • Keep to the left side of the path except when overtaking.
  • Consider other cyclists, children, dogs, older people and people with disability who are also using the path.
  • If you are on a bicycle, scooter or skateboard ride at a safe speed, slow down when passing or overtaking others, and give way to pedestrians, especially if the path is crowded.
  • When travelling on wheels move in a predictable manner to reassure others around you.
  • Keep in mind young children may be learning to ride their bike for the first time so give them space and show courtesy to encourage them to do so confidently.
  • When using our roads and shared pathways during low visibility, take measures such as wearing head torches, reflective clothing and bright colours to help others see you ahead.
  • We all love being in a safe and friendly environment, help build and maintain that by showing courtesy and encouragement to other users, say a quick 'hello' or 'thank you' when passing.

We are very fortunate to have a number of shared pathways and cycleways around Lake Mac. If you find one is too congested why not explore another. Take a look at our Shared Pathway Guide to plan your next outing.