Mountain Bike Trails

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In addition to the growing network of cycleways and shared pathways, Lake Mac is also home to a range of formalised cross-country mountain bike trails located in Awaba State Forest and Glenrock State Conservation Area. These mountain bike trails are managed by Hunter Mountain Bike Association and NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service respectively.

Awaba Mountain Bike Park

The Awaba trail network is open 365 days a year, maintained daily to ensure a premium experience all year round.

There is no park passes or cost to ride the trails. If you would like to support the maintenance of the trails, there are opportunities available through the Hunter Mountain Bike Association website with all contributions going directly to the ongoing trail maintenance.

From time to time the Trails are utilised for events, so we encourage you to check HMBA website and Facebook page for notices regarding trail closures.

Glenrock mountain biking trails

The network of mountain biking trails located in the Glenrock State Conservation Area offer rides suitable for various levels from green for beginners to black diamond for advanced. There is up to 35km of trails, 14km of purpose-built bike trails and 20km of linked management trails. Understanding some trails are shared, mountain bikers are urged to be mindful of other trail users and adhere to the signposted trails.

The tracks follow a windy ride through open forest and woodlands providing access to Burwood Beach, Leichardt's lookout and waterfalls.

We encourage you to plan your rides accordingly by consulting a map and keeping updated on safety information listed on the NSW National Parks and Wildlife website before venturing out.