Public Works Certificate

A Public Works Certificate (PWC) is required when there are works within the public domain there are not required to facilitate a subdivision.

For example, if a footpath is required to be installed in front of a new childcare centre, the Development Application will require a PWC to be lodged by the applicant and approved by Council, prior to the construction of the footpath.


Step 1.Register or sign in

To lodge a Public Works Certificate, you must be registered with Council's Online Services. Registration can take up to one business day to process. If you are already registered and would like an update on the status of your certificate, please sign in.

Register or sign in

Step 2.Gather your documents

Applications for a Public Works Certificate must be accompanied by:

  • Site plan
  • Detailed engineering plans that may include but not be limited to:
    • Earthworks
    • Roadworks including pavement designs, intersection treatments, signage and line marking
    • Access ways or driveway details
    • Storm water drainage details and calculations
    • Landscaping or street tree planting details and specifications
    • Sediment and erosion control works
    • Construction management plan
    • Vegetation management plan
  • Public liability insurance (minimum $20 million)
  • Any specific details required to be submitted in accordance with conditions of development consent
  • Details about the payment of the Building Construction Industry Long Service Leave Levy for building works as required (if already paid)

For further advice, contact our Customer Service Centre on (02) 4921 0333 (Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm) and ask to speak with the Duty Officer.

Step 3.Lodge

Once you have all the required documentation, you're ready to lodge your Public Works Certificate. You'll need to upload electronic versions of the required documentation in order to complete your application.

Lodge a Public Works Certificate

Step 4.Pay

You will not be required to pay a fee at the time of application. Applicable fees will be calculated by staff and provided to you in writing as soon as possible after you lodge your application. Your application will not be determined until all outstanding fees have been paid.