Strata properties

If your strata complex has three or more units, the complex can select one of five waste packages described in the table below.

Please check with your Strata Manager or Body Corporate about which package your complex has selected before ordering bins, as each strata complex is able to select only one type of package. Contact Council for more information on 02 4921 0333.

Strata waste packages

Packages General waste bins per unit Recycling bins per unit Green bins per unit
Standard One 240 litre One 240 litre One 240 litre
Upsize One 240 litre One 360 litre One 240 litre
Downsize* One 140 litre One 140 litre One 140 litre
Shared standard One 240 litre between two units One 240 litre between two units One 240 litre between two units
Shared upsize One 240 litre between two units One 360 litre between two units One 240 litre between two units

Why are waste packages only offered to strata complexes with three or more units

Council recognised that multi-unit dwellings commonly face waste management issues such as limited space to store bins and limited space on the kerb to place bins out for collection.

In February 2012, Council wrote to owners and residents in multi-unit complexes asking about how to best offer kerbside waste services (garbage, recycling and green waste bins).

Most survey responses showed people preferred to maintain the current 240 litre bin size and have one set of bins for each unit. However, larger strata titled complexes showed interest in smaller or shared bins.

What if your complex selected a downsize package

If your complex selected the downsize package, the owner of each unit will need to purchase a new 140-litre garbage bin as each resident owns their own garbage bin.

The new 140 litre garbage bins need to meet the following specifications:

Purchasing new 140 or 240 litre garbage bins from Council

A 140 or 240 litre garbage bin can be purchased from Council by calling Council's Customer Service Centre on 02 4921 0333.

Once payment has been received, Council will arrange bin delivery. 

Fees are charges for the purchase of new bins and their delivery.

Alternatively, you can collect your bin from the Lake Macquarie City Council Works Depot, 18-32 Creek Reserve RoadBoolaroo. When collecting your bin in person from the Works Depot, you need to call ahead on 02 4921 0333 to ensure bins are in stock. If requested, Council will also remove your old 240 litre bin.

Purchasing the new 140 or 240 litre garbage bin from a hardware store

If you choose to purchase your 140 or 240 litre garbage bin from a non-Council supplier, you will need to ensure it meets the required specifications.

Bins that don't meet the specifications may not be emptied due to the capability of the garbage truck.

Does my complex need to pay a delivery fee

If your complex changes to an upsize, downsize or shared waste package, a delivery fee per complex will be charged to deliver new bins and remove extra bins.

Council will send an invoice to the person who signed the Waste Package Request form on behalf of the complex.

Page last updated: 08 December 2016