Recycling bin

Your recycling bin is collected fortnightly on the alternate week to your general waste bin. The material is taken to a Materials Recovery Facility at Gateshead where it is seperated and bundled into the different types of materials. These bundles are then taken to another processing facility to be made into new goods.

Hunter Resource Recovery provides the recycling service for Lake Macquarie City Council and is an initiative of Cessnock, Lake Macquarie, Maitland and Singleton councils.

Find out your recycling collection dates by visiting or call Hunter Resource Recovery on 1800 838 884.

Lake Macquarie City Council is committed to supporting the local community to recycle. There is no change to our kerbside collection service and we encourage residents to continue to use their yellow recycling bin each fortnight.

As a member of the Hunter Joint Organisation of Councils, we are working closely with the NSW Environment Protection Authority, recycling service providers and other local councils to identify a range of short and medium-term solutions, including solutions to generate supply and demand for recycled products, while the market for recyclate is being assessed.

Council is committed to resource recovery, and does not intend to send recyclate to landfill. We are currently storing excess material and have solutions to allow that to continue until our long-term market development plans can be implemented.

What can go in your recycling bin

For a detailed list of what can go in your recycling bin visit recycleright or see the sticker inside your recycling bin lid.

What can't go in your recycling bin

Download the Lake Macquarie Recycling Directory or visit other household waste, to find out how to recycle items not accepted in your recycling bin.


What if my bin is missed or damaged

Call Hunter Resource Recovery on 1800 838 884.

Upsize your recycling bin

You can swap your existing 240-litre recycling bin to a larger 360-litre bin for a small fee by simply applying online with your credit card, or contact Council on 4921 0333.

Your recycling bin will be swapped on your regular recycling day. Please leave your recycling bin on the kerb until 5pm after it is emptied so it can be swapped over.

The recycling bin is the property of the waste contractor, is individually numbered and must remain at the property if you move.

The 240-litre recycling bin is 68cm wide and 85cm deep at the top (it tapers at the base) and 1.1 metres high. By comparison, the 360-litre recycling bin is 10cm wider, 12cm deeper and 4cm taller than the standard 240 litre recycling bin.

Note: the weight limit of the 360-litre bin is 80 kilograms (same as the standard 240-litre bin). This limit doesn't cause an issue unless it is filled with large amounts of glass or paper. It may take up to eight weeks after your application is received for your bin to be swapped.

Upsize your recycling bin

Can I get an additional recycling bin

Extra 240 or 360-litre recycling services are available. Apply online with your credit card or contact us on 02 4921 0333. Fees and charges apply.

Get an additional recycling bin

What if I move to a new property

The recycling bin is the property of the waste contractor, is individually numbered and must remain at the property when you move. You can write your address on the bin but it cannot be used as a garbage or green waste bin, nor can the lid be changed.

To organise a recycling service for your new property, simply apply online or contact us on 02 4921 0333.

Organise recycling service for your new property

Contamination in your recycling bin

If non-acceptable items, or contamination, are placed in your bin, it may not be emptied. All recycling trucks have on-board cameras and drivers may place a sticker on the bin to advise why the bin was not emptied. The bin will only be emptied once the contaminant has been removed. If your bin is stickered again for non-conformance, your recycling service may be suspended.

Other recyclables

If you have an item that will not be accepted in the recycling bin, please consider reusing it or donating it where appropriate, or check out the Lake Macquarie Recycling Directory for a list of other items that can be recycled and how to recycle them.

Special needs waste collection

Council provides a special needs waste collection service, commonly known as a Blue Dot Service for those who are unable to take their bin to and from the kerb due to a medical condition. Council will collect your bin from an agreed location from your property and return it to you emptied.

To apply for a Blue Dot Service, please complete and return the Blue Dot Service application form signed by your general practitioner.

Condition of service

Council reserves the right to establish alternative bin collection locations for residents and businesses as a condition of service provision, to ensure safe and efficient waste collection operations. Learn more about Waste Collection Services Terms and Conditions.

Page last updated: 24 February 2019