Handling asbestos

Products containing asbestos generally do not pose a risk if they are in good condition and are undisturbed. It is when products and materials that contain asbestos are weathered, broken or punctured that harmful fibres can be released.

All homeowners and renovators should seek out accurate information before commencing any building or renovating around their home. We recommend the use of a licensed asbestos removal contractor for the removal of all asbestos-based building materials.

It is important to seek advice about correct identification, removal and handling of products containing asbestos. Special precautions should always be taken, even for minor renovation works that don't require Council approval.

Council recommends that you:

Disposing of asbestos

Building products that contain asbestos are required to be disposed of at a licensed waste facility.

The dumping of asbestos in any place that is not licensed to receive asbestos waste is an offence that carries a penalty of up to $5000 under the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997.

The Awaba Waste Management Facility is our licensed facility.

Requirements for disposing of asbestos

Removing asbestos

All building subject to development approval from Council requires a licensed contractor to remove asbestos.

The law requires a licensed asbestos removal contractor be used for:

Enquiries and more information

For enquires and more information about the safe handling and disposal of asbestos, call our Customer Service Centre on 02 4921 0333.

Page last updated: 22 June 2017