Reducing waste in schools

School can save money and improve their environmental footprint by utilising Council’s green waste and recycling services. These services can be significantly cheaper compared to using commercial garbage collection services, and also deliver many environmental benefits that come from preventing waste being sent to landfill.


Through Hunter Resource Recovery, Council provides Lake Macquarie schools with three 240-litre recycling bins, free of charge for fortnightly collection, as well as an additional free bin for every 100 students over the 500 student threshold.

Schools with over 500 students can apply for a three-metre skip recycling bin, in lieu of 240-litre bins. To order your free bins, please contact Hunter Resource Recovery on 1800 838 884.

For a fee, schools can order additional 240-litre or 360-litre recycling bins.

For detailed information about what items are acceptable in your recycling service, visit RecycleRight.

Note: Council's free recycling service is only available to primary and secondary schools. Recycling services for early education and care centres are available through waste services at commercial properties.

Green waste

Green waste bins are available for school and early education garden waste and food scraps at an additional cost.

Soft plastic recycling

Recycle your schools soft plastic through the Redcycle program.

Low waste lunches

A resource to support schools and parents with simple tricks to create low waste lunches for students.

Waste education

Hunter Resource Recovery provides recycling presentations for schools from K-12 and community groups (including preschools). For more information, contact Hunter Resource Recovery on 1800 838 884.

Council offers Lake Macquarie schools a Waste Warriors workshop that can be delivered within the school environment. The workshop can be tailored for grades K-12. For more information or to book a workshop, see our Sustainable Schools Program.

Download activity sheets teaching kids all about the food-garden-green waste collection or the recycling process.

Waste Audit Kits

Waste audit kits are available for loan to help reduce your school waste and save money. Contact Hunter Resource Recovery on 1800 838 884.

Page last updated: 20 June 2019