Notice of intention to treat infestations of aquatic weeds

Date posted: 21-SEP-2019

Closing date: 31-MAR-2020

Type: Public Notice

Council advises that it intends to treat infestations of aquatic weeds on or in the following areas within the next 6 months:

The spray period is effective from 5 days after this notice until the 31 March 2020, weather conditions permitting.

The herbicide Eraze® (active ingredient 360g/l glyphosate), or Metmac® (active ingredient 600g/kg metsulfuron methyl) under the conditions of Permit Number PER 14734 & PER 14729 will be used.

Under the terms and conditions of the EPA Licence 6332, the following warning is provided to residents in the treatment areas: “not to use, drink or swim until further notice”.

Further information can be obtained from Lake Macquarie City Council ‘s Vegetation and Pest Management Coordinator on 4921 0333.

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