Water Quality Watch

Popular lake and beach swimming spots are tested weekly from November through to April as part of Council’s recreational water quality monitoring program.

Council samples one beach and 13 lake sites and Hunter Water sample another five beach sites for Enterococci bacteria.

Water quality information for other ocean beaches in the Lake Macquarie area can be found at Office of Environment and Heritage Hunter Beaches Beachwatch.

The presence of Enterococci indicates that water may be polluted with stormwater or sewage, and Enterococci levels above 100 organisms/100mL indicate that water may be unsuitable for swimming.

Council recommends that people avoid swimming in the lake and/or beaches during and at least 48 hours after heavy rainfall because of the increased risk of pollution from contaminated stormwater. The Australian Government’s Bureau of Meteorology contains information on recent and historical rainfall data for Lake Macquarie and the region.

Water quality results
Last updated 8-JAN-2019
Site Range
Enterococci / 100ml
Description Star rating Comments
East lake sites
Near baths at jetty on Brooks Parade
< 41 Good 4/4 stars  
Cams Wharf
End of Cams Wharf Road
41 — 200 Fair 3/4 stars  
Catherine Hill Bay
Surf Club
< 41 Good 4/4 stars  
Croudace Bay
Baths opposite bowling club
41 — 200 Fair 3/4 stars  
Lions Park adjacent to boat ramp
41 — 200 Fair 3/4 stars  
Speers Point Park
Near jetty at park
< 41 Good 4/4 stars  
Carpark at Coon Island
< 41 Good 4/4 stars  
West lake sites
Arcadia Vale
Baths at park on Alexander Parade
< 41 Good 4/4 stars  
Boat ramp at Shingle Splitters Point
41 — 200 Fair 3/4 stars  
Bolton Point
Baths off Prospect Avenue
< 41 Good 4/4 stars  
Kilaben Bay
Baths adjacent to Kilaben Park
< 41 Good 4/4 stars  
Near jetty at corner of Sunshine Parade and Cessnock Road
< 41 Good 4/4 stars  
Near jetty at baths adjacent to Wharf Street
41 — 200 Fair 3/4 stars  
Near jetty at Wangi Point Caravan Park
< 41 Good 4/4 stars  

Page last updated: 26 November 2018