Junkyard Beats - Recycled Music Workshop - School Holiday Workshop

Monday, 30 September 2019
11:15 AM- 1:45 PM
Charlestown Library
Cnr Smith & Ridley Street
Charlestown, NSW 2290
Our Junkyard Beats interactive workshop experience invites children and adults to band together to create their own Junkyard Orchestra. With Junkyard Beats workshops, children/adults will be taken on a creative journey of discovery, exploring the connection between creative recycling, music and teamwork. One person’s trash proves another’s treasure as our highly energetic music-in-education performers combine drumming, dance, theatre and comedy to create a unique and captivating experience. With a focus on sustainability, boost your thinking and environmental awareness while igniting your creativity as you create music, help the environment and channel energy in a fun, unique, and collaborative way. The group draw their material and inspiration from everyday life - the streets, the home and the land. They find treasure and music in other people’s trash and in the everyday objects around them. In the hands of Junkyard Beats, ordinary household items are transformed into extraordinary booty shaking musical instruments and unwanted junk comes alive in exciting and surprising ways. Bookings Essential | Workshops at 11.15am and 1pm | Workshops run for 45 mins | Suitable for ages 5+
Lake Mac Libraries
4921 0556
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