Council meeting highlights – Tuesday 11 June 2019

Date posted: 11 June 2019

Please see below for highlights of the final determinations made at tonight’s Standing Committee Meeting of Lake Macquarie City Council.

The full agenda and reports are available at meeting agendas and minutes. The stream of tonight’s meeting will be available online at from Tuesday.

Planning proposal – West Wallsend biodiversity offset site

Council endorsed a planning proposal to rezone the West Wallsend Biodiversity offset site to E2 Environmental Conservation to recognise this as an established offset site and the Aboriginal conservation significance of the Butterfly Caves.

Night-time economy action plan

Council adopted the draft Night-Time Economy Action Plan 2019-2024. The Action Plan demonstrates Council’s commitment to local businesses and residents to support a vibrant and safe night-time economy.

Lake Macquarie Mayor Cr Kay Fraser said “Growing our night time economy will help us realise our potential to attract locals and visitors to our economic centres after dark. It could be through events or workshops, food trucks, live music, creative lighting or other art and cultural activities. It is something our community has asked for and now this action plan provides us a way forward to seeing our City come to life at night”.

Imagine Lake Mac Strategy

Council adopted the Imagine Lake Mac Strategy. The Imagine Lake Mac Strategy provides strategic direction for the land use and land management of the City for the next 30 years.

Lake Macquarie Mayor Cr Kay Fraser said “Imagine Lake Mac explores a number of different planning areas and will guide long-term land use planning and change for our City. We know that a major reason why people move to and live in Lake Mac is because of our liveability and this strategy helps to ensure that the City continues to be one of the most highly liveable places in the country”.

Section 7.12 Contributions Plan – Citywide 2019

Council adopted the Lake Macquarie City Council Section 7.12 Contributions Plan – Citywide 2019.

The next meeting of Council is on Monday 24 June 2019 from 6.30pm.

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