City planning and direction

With an eye on the past and present, we are keenly focused on the future of the City and the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Population growth and change are challenges and opportunities for the City. The City’s population is expected to increase by 24,450 between now and 2036, creating demand for 13,700 new dwellings and 11,741 new jobs. Like many coastal areas, we have an ageing population although we also have a large proportion of our population under 15 years of age. Responding to growth in the number of people over 65 and younger people presents different challenges and opportunities.

Transport choice and convenience is one of the most important issues for our residents, including having a transport network that allows us to move around our City safely and easily. The growth in shared paths connecting our key destinations continues to make walking and cycling a more viable transport option.

Using technology and creativity to our advantage and incorporating new ways of connecting with each other will be important issues for our City. Having safe vibrant spaces and places for our residents will enable our towns and suburbs to foster involvement, cohesion and a strong sense of community that we all desire.

We need strategies to manage these issues. Imagine Lake Mac- our plan to 2050 and beyond guides our high-level directions for the future of housing, transport, recreation, the environment, and the economy in City.

Current key projects

North West Lake Macquarie

Explore the opportunities identified in this catalyst area

Imagine Lake Mac

Imagine Lake Mac is our long-term land use strategy for 2050 and beyond

Planning for our suburbs

Our plans for your area, as well as our Streetscape Master Plans

Parking strategy

We are preparing a parking strategy to improve parking in our City

Page last updated: 10 July 2019