Reporting fraud and corruption

If you have concerns regarding fraud or corrupt conduct at Council, we encourage you to report this matter to Council using the form below. You can also make a report in writing, in person or confidentially over the phone by calling 02 4921 0333 and speaking with the appropriate manager.

To enable us to thoroughly investigate and minimise the risk of fraud and corruption, we ask you to report it as soon as possible and with as much detail as possible.

While reports can be made anonymously, we prefer that you provide your name and contact details to allow you to be contacted at a later stage if the investigator requires clarification or further information.

Corrupt conduct is not tolerated at Council and these matters are investigated with the utmost integrity and importance.

Contact information

You are under no obligation to provide your name when giving us information. However, providing your name and a contact number allows us to ask you for more information later if necessary. This may become critical in carrying out proper investigations into your claim.

Complaint details

Provide all available information about the person you believe committed the fraud and/or corruption conduct.

Provide full name of company / organisation and address.

Please describe the suspicious behaviour or risk that you are reporting. Provide as much information as possible including:

  • what happened
  • when it occurred (ie: date/s)
  • where it occurred (ie. location/s)
  • why you consider the conduct is corrupt
  • names of the individuals or organisations you think are involved
Supporting evidence

Please describe any documents you think are relevant to your complaint, or that would support your suspicions.

Please attach copies of any evidence you have to support your claim.

Note: you can provide a photo or document to accompany this issue report.

  • Photos must be provided in JPG format. Supporting documents should be supplied as PDF.
  • Files must be no larger than 5Mb in size.
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Privacy notice

The information provided on this form may be used to assess and investigate suspected fraud or corrupt conduct. Council may also be required to report this information to external agencies, including the Police, the Independent Commision Against Corruption, the NSW Ombudsman and the Office of Local Government.

Page last updated: 22 August 2017