Lake Macquarie City Council manages nine cemeteries within Lake Macquarie and is also a member of the CCA NSW (Cemeteries and Crematoria Association of NSW).

Cemetery locations and overview

Cemetery Address Memorial garden Memorial boulder / wall Niche wall Burial plot reservation Burial plot immediate use Water availability
Belmont Green Street, Belmont Yes Yes Yes No Yes Bore/Town
Catherine Hill Bay Northwood Road, off Flowers Drive, Catherine Hill Bay No Yes Yes Yes Yes Tank
Johnston Family Off Appletree Road, Barnsley No No No No No N/A
Morisset Off Nentoura Road, Morisset No Yes* No Yes Yes Tank
Martinsville Pioneer Martinsville Road, Martinsville No No No Yes Yes Tank
Toronto Awaba Road, Toronto West No No Yes Yes Yes Town
West Wallsend Cemetery Road, West Wallsend Yes No Yes No No Tank
Whitebridge Dudley Road, Whitebridge Yes Yes Yes No Yes Town
Wyee Off Summerhayes Road, Wyee No Yes No Yes Yes N/A

* Morisset Memorial Wall is dedicated to memorialise former Morisset Hospital patients.

History of cemeteries

Information about our cemeteries and grave location

Cemetery requirements

Learn about plots, licences, headstone and other cemetery features

Belmont Cemetery

Traditional urban cemetery with monumental and lawn graves

Catherine Hill Bay Cemetery

Eclectic setting with a mixture of monumental and lawn gravesites

Martinsville Pioneer Cemetery

This rural cemetery is set among many gum trees

Morisset Cemetery

Read about the features and burial options

Toronto Cemetery

Urban-styled cemetery with a large allocated area for future burials

West Wallsend Cemetery

Burials only available for existing reservations. See ash memorial options

Whitebridge Cemetery

Immediate use burials only. Read about ash memorial options

Wyee Cemetery

Single depth burials only. Read about the features and burial options

Page last updated: 15 April 2019