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Hunter Sports Centre - Fitter for life

The Fitter for Life program is a fun and social opportunity that aims to help you improve your mobility, strength and coordination; the activities in the program can be catered to you and tailored to your level of ability or mobility.

The skills developed in the Move for Life program are used for common activities, such as:

  • Walking up and down a flight of stairs;
  • Hanging out the washing;
  • Bending down or reaching up into cupboards; and
  • Playing with grandchildren.

The Fitter for Life program is running across various states in Australia and is likely to suit your needs if you’re interested in:

  • Becoming more physically active;
  • Meeting new people in a local and social environment; or
  • Improving your mobility in other sports and daily activities
Contact person
Rohan Kennedy
Stockland Drive
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Page last updated: 05 February 2019