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Windale Men's Shed & Community Group Inc. Shed Windale

Postal address PO Box 1, Windale, 2306. The Windale men's shed provides a valuable community place where people can enjoy social interaction. It is governed by an approved structure containing an elected management committee and a project sub committee. Projects are completed by skilled retired or unemployed persons who share their skills to support fellow memberes and the community. Operating Tuesdays & Thursdays between 8.30 am & 1.30 pm.  The shed has been operating since April 2006 as a result of a need to provide opportunities to assist improving mens' health, social interaction and self esteem for mature age males who no longer are involved in a workplace environment. The shed is staffed by volunteers, who operate as a charity under the direction of a electefd management committee, and who share their skills and knowledge for metal and wood work projects generally.


Contact person
Roger Greenan
2c Lake Street
02 4948 5830
0411 023 525
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