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Boat ramps & jetties

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Arcadia Vale Public Jetty & Baths

Arcadia Park, Alexander Parade ARCADIA VALE

Balcolyn Boat Ramp (Hall)

Hall Reserve, 55 Balcolyn Street BALCOLYN

Balcolyn Boat Ramp (Shingle Splitters Point)

Shingle Splitters Point Reserve BALCOLYN

Balmoral Boat Ramp and Jetty

Balmoral Place Reserve BALMORAL

Belmont Baths

Brooks Parade, Opposite Maude Street intersection and opposite Macquarie Street. BELMONT

Web: http://
Belmont Boat Ramp

Brooks Parade BELMONT

Belmont Public Jetty

Foreshore reserve at Corner of Macquarie Street and Brooks Parade BELMONT

Belmont South Boat Ramp

Paley Crescent BELMONT SOUTH

Bennett Park Boat Ramp

Dilkera Avenue VALENTINE

Blacksmiths Boat Ramp and jetty


Bolton Point Boat Ramp

Middle Point Road BOLTON POINT

Bolton Point Public Jetty

End of Middle Point Road BOLTON POINT

Bonnells Bay Boat Ramp

Pendlebury Park, Grand Parade BONNELLS BAY

Bonnells Bay Public Jetty


Brightwaters Public Jetty & Baths


Cams Wharf Baths

end of Cams Wharf Road CAMS WHARF

Cams Wharf Boat Ramp

Cams Wharf Road CAMS WHARF

Coal Point Boat Ramp

Biriban Reserve, Skye Pt Road COAL POINT

Coal Point Public Jetty (Wombal Reserve)

Rofe Street COAL POINT

Croudace Bay Boat Ramp   Michelle  Preston - Poole

Thomas H Halton Park (Croudace Bay Park) CROUDACE BAY

Web: http://
Dora Creek Boat Ramp

Eastern end of Dora Street DORA CREEK

Dora Creek Public Jetty

Doree Place DORA CREEK

Eleebana Boat Ramp

Lions Park, Macquarie Drive ELEEBANA

Green Point Reserve Jetty

Off The Shore's Way BELMONT

Gwandalan Jetty

end Koowong Road, Frying Pan Bay GWANDALAN

Web: http://
Kilaben Bay jetty and baths

Kilaben Park (off Kilaben Road), Opposite Jarrett St intersection KILABEN BAY

Web: http://
Little Wangi Public Jetty

Behind house no. 155 Watkins Road WANGI WANGI

Marks Point Boat Ramp (Naru Reserve)

Naru Reserve, off Naru Street MARKS POINT

Marks Point Boat Ramp (Village Bay Close)

Village Bay Close MARKS POINT

Marmong Point Boat Ramp


Morisset Park Boat Ramp


Nords Wharf Boat Ramp

Branter Road NORDS WHARF

Nords Wharf Public Jetty

Off Nords Wharf Road NORDS WHARF

Pelican Boat Ramp

Lakeview Parade PELICAN

Web: http://
Pelican Public Jetty

Off Lakeview Street PELICAN

Rathmines Boat Ramp (Styles Point)

Styles Point, Off Overhill Road RATHMINES

Rathmines 'F' Jetty

Rathmines Park, off Dorrington Road RATHMINES

Rathmines Fuel/Bomb Wharf

Off Stilling Street RATHMINES

Rathmines Officers Baths Jetty

North end of Stilling Street, (near Bowling Club) RATHMINES

Rathmines Park Boat Ramp

Main Seaplane Ramp, Off Dorrington Road or Stilling Street RATHMINES

Speers Point Boat Ramp

Cockle Creek, Creek Reserve Road SPEERS POINT

Speers Point Public Jetty

Speers Point Park SPEERS POINT

Styles Point Public Jetty

Styles Point Reserve, off Overhill Road RATHMINES

Sunshine Boat Ramp

Sunshine Reserve SUNSHINE

Sunshine Public Jetty & Baths

Sunshine Parade SUNSHINE

Swansea Boat Ramp (Humphreys Reserve No 1)

Humphreys Reserve No 1 (Main ramp), Off Park Street SWANSEA

Swansea Boat Ramp (Humphreys Reserve No. 2)

Humphreys Reserve No. 2 (near Coon Island) SWANSEA

Swansea Boat Ramp (Opp. Chapman Oval)

Channel Street, Opposite Chapman Oval SWANSEA

Swansea Boat Ramp (The Esplanade)

The Esplanade SWANSEA

Swansea Public Jetty

Channel Street SWANSEA

The Esplanade Public Jetty, Swansea

The Esplanade SWANSEA

Toronto Boat Ramp (Lions Park)

Lions Park, Off Anzac Parade TORONTO

Toronto Boat Ramp (Wharf Street)

Wharf Street TORONTO

Toronto Public Jetty & Baths

Victory Parade, Regatta Walk foreshore reserve TORONTO

Toronto Public Wharf

End of Wharf Street TORONTO

Valentine Public Jetty & Baths

Off Valentine Crescent (near Bowling Club) VALENTINE

Wangi Tourist Park Jetty

Off Watkins Road WANGI WANGI

Wangi Wangi Dobell Park Jetty

Dobell Drive WANGI WANGI

Wangi Wangi Boat Ramp

Dobell Park, Dobell Drive WANGI WANGI

Wangi Wangi Boat Ramp (Kent Place)


Wangi Wangi Boat Ramp (Tourist Park)

Tourist Park, Pelican Drive WANGI WANGI

Wangi Wangi Public Jetty & Baths (Workers Club)   Wangi Wangi District

Market St (near Workers Club) WANGI WANGI

Warners Bay Public Jetty

Warner Reserve - foreshore reserve WARNERS BAY

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