Lake Mac Planning and Building Services

Lake Mac Planning and Building Services simplify the development and approval process and eliminate the need to engage unnecessary consultants and/or certifiers – saving you time and money.

Council’s certification team consists of 20 Principal Certifiers, with a variety of accreditation levels from A1 to A4 and 14 Town Planners to ensure all your certification needs are met. Our team is committed to ensuring you experience a smooth and efficient process.

As a specialty team based within Council, Lake Mac Planning and Building Services offers a one-stop-shop service for residential and commercial building companies, homebuilders and renovators by taking care of all your certification and approval needs.

Services include:

Why choose Lake Mac Planning and Building Services

Clients of the Lake Macquarie Planning and Building Services team have a substantial advantage as our staff work within a local government environment and have intimate knowledge of building regulations, construction standards and development consent requirements. Council certifiers can issue a Construction Certificate concurrently with the Development Application and being a Council, we will always be there for our customers and the community.

Benefits include:

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