Natural environment

Council works with the community to take care of our environment.

For information about how to get involved, how to save resources and to know more about our environmental actions, read our environment reports and plans, our sustainable living and sustainable programs.

Natural environment guidelines

You should consult the guides if you are making any management and planning decisions that could affect specific threatened species and their habitat in Lake Macquarie.

You should also use them for field surveys and prioritising research.

To have access to the guides, read our Guidelines page.

Air quality

How Council protects air quality and reduces exposure to air pollution


Find out about how Council manages pest animals species in Lake Macquarie

Native plants and animals

Our City is home to a diverse range of unique plants and animals.


Learn about weeds that are commonly found in Lake Macquarie City

Contaminated land

Read about land contaminants in our City and how Council manages them

Water Quality Watch

Regular updates on water quality at various sites around Lake Macquarie

Page last updated: 22 January 2016