Help us fund a defibrillator!

Help us to make our community safer by buying equipment that can save a life in an emergency! The Canopy, in collaboration with Active OOSH Cameron Park, is fundraising for a defibrillator for Cameron Park Community Centre. Defibrillators can be life saving to someone suffering a cardiac arrest and are safe, easy to use and suitable for both adults and children.

Cameron Park Community Centre is used on over 2,500 occasions each year by members of the public, community groups, services and local businesses. This includes use of the centre by Active OOSH Cameron Park 50 weeks each year for out of school hours and vacation care services. Having a defibrillator at Cameron Park Community Centre could mean the difference between life and death if one of the thousands of adults and children who visit the centre each year suffered a cardiac arrest while they are here. The Canopy and Active OOSH Cameron Park have staff trained in using a defibrillator and are able to provide first aid using this equipment in case of an emergency. The defibrillator will be stored in a place accessible to centre hirers, so that they also have access to it if they need.

Your donation will help us to buy the defibrillator, a cabinet to store it in safely and accessibly and a sign so that the location is clear in case of emergency.

Article by The Canopy
Posted 5 August 2019

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