Stories of Strength for Cultural Diversity

Stories of Strength is a photo, podcast and broadcasting partnership between Council and 1233 ABC Newcastle which delves into the lives of a dozen people from across Lake Macquarie. Get to know more about our participants who help showcase our cultural diversity.

More than 20,000 Lake Macquarie residents were born overseas, and more than 10,000 speak a language other than English at home. We have the third largest population of Aboriginal people in NSW.

Find out more about our community members and you may even recognise some faces!

Photo exhibition at SEEN@Swansea, Swansea Centre from 10am - 3pm until 11 August. Moving to Toronto Library from September - November.

Podcast series 'Stories of Strength' is available by searching in any app you use to listen to podcasts certainly Apple Podcasts and Spotify. Try searching 'lake macquarie' if you have trouble locating it.

Broadcasting on 1233 AM ABC Newcastle Mon, Wed and Fri from 9.20am throughout August.

Contact Emilie for more information -

Article by Lake Macquarie City Council
Posted 1 August 2019

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