Performance Dashboard progress indicators

The data looks at an assessment of progress in various domains for states and territories, as well as nationally, including - housing, education, skills, healthcare, disability, Indigenous, infrastructure, and legal assistance.

The Performance Dashboard provides a single, streamlined source of information on progress towards the Council of Australian Governments (COAG's) key commitments. The Dashboard reflects the joint performance of all Australian governments. It contains assessments of progress at the national level, and for each State and Territory. For each indicators, policy repsonisibility may lie with the states and territories, or with the Commonwealth, or be shared. Assessments for a State or Territory are for residents of that State or Territory, and do not necessarily reflect the performance of the State or Territory government, as the Commonwealth may share policy responsibility. Similarly, results at the national level do not necessarily reflect the performance of the Commonwealth government. The allocation of policy responsibility for each service area is detailed in the Report on Government Services.

The full scope of collaboration between the Commonwealth, states and territories is extensive, with agreements covering areas from healthcare, education and disability to transport, infrastructure and housing. The Dashboard provides a high-level overview of performance in achieving key COAG commitments in priority areas. This includes performance benchmarks and indicators from National Agreements that cover health, school education, housing and homelessness, skills and workforce development, disability and Indigenous reform. It also includes an assessment of progress under a small number of the most significant National Partnership Agreements.

Article by Productivity Commission
Posted 1 July 2019

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