Second $100 active kids voucher

In 2019 a second $100 Active Kids voucher will be available for the six month period from 1 July to 31 December. From 2020 two $100 Active Kids vouchers will be available from Service NSW for the entire calendar year.

The aim of the expanded program is to pay for two separate sports such as netball in winter and swimming in summer, or two separate seasons or terms of the one sport such as winter football and summer football.

The two $100 vouchers issued under the Active Kids program can be used by every school age child towards the cost of sports registration, membership expenses and fees for physical activities such as swimming, football, netball, dance lessons and athletics.

The two vouchers cannot be combined to pay for a single program costing more than $100. They can be used with the one provider to help pay hte cost of two separate terms of sport such as the summe rand winter season of netball.

To apply for the Active Kids voucher parents can register online with Service NSW and find a registered sport of physical activity, club or organisation to use their voucher with.

The Active Kids rebate is one of a raft of NSW Goverment cost of living measures, including Free Rego, cheaper CTP green slips and energy rebates.

For more information see the link on the right hand side or phone Service NSW on 13 77 88.

Article by NSW Government
Posted 12 June 2019

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