Healthy Moves in the Hunter

Class Timetable

Please contact the usual leader details and questions relating to the most suitable program for you. The best contact is the class leaders mobile phone number in the attached document on the right hand side.

Healthy Moves in the Hunter is a gentle low-to-moderate intensity exercise class. Based on the successful Heartmoves program, principles of safe exercise are our priority. All classes aim to improve fitness, strength, balance, flexibility and smile lines!!

All classes are design to be fun, varied and social. Some of the specialty sessions (eg Stretch & Balance or Tai Chi) have a very specific focus, but still aim to make exercise enjoyable and effective.

We know that regular physical activity can help to:

-improve long term general health

-reduce risk of a heart attack and other chronic disease

-better balance, strength and less likely to fall or trip

-feel more energetic and manage weight better

-have a healthier blood cholesterol level, lower blood pressure, and have stronger bones and muscles

- recover better after a heart attack, stroke or after surgery or hospitalisation

-boost confidence, mood and sleep patterns

-improve control of blood glucose levels

A pre-exercise assessment form must be completed at your first session and GP clearance may be necessary.

Article by Heart Foundation
Posted 18 April 2019

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