First-hand experiences to guide customer service

Date posted: 14 August 2019

Over the coming weeks, members of Business Information and Technology Solutions’ (BITS) Information Technology Support team will be heading out into the field to get to know their peers and learn how they can enhance their customer service offerings across the organisation.

Information Technology Support Services Coordinator Ash Davidge said getting out and about with different teams across the organisation will provide insight into some of the technical issues these teams face in the field.

“As the organisation continues to grow and technology continues to advance, we are becoming more reliant on technology to not only connect our employees but to allow us to provide quality service to our community,” Ash said.

“Getting out into the field to meet different staff across the organisation will allow our team to get to know their peers, learn what they do in the workplace, find out how these teams are using technology and identify any issues we can fix to make their job easier.”

The Team consisting of Helpdesk Officer Teri Karmaniolos and Support Engineers Eddie Heath, Gavin Weir, Stewart Hazell, Reece Arday and Adam Jarrett will spend a few hours a month with different teams across Council.

Director Organisational Services Laura Kendall said providing quality customer service internally is as critical to the organisation as providing exceptional external customer service.

“As we continue our journey of becoming a more customer-centric organisation, identifying opportunities to enhance services internally is vital. We want our people’s experiences at work to be consistent with the quality of experiences we provide to external customers,” Laura said.

“We know there are still plenty of opportunities to make it easier for our people to get on with their jobs, and this is a great opportunity for members of BITS to build relationships with key departments out in the field, to understand their needs and be proactive in rectifying issues teams might be experiencing in the workplace.”

Watch the video below to hear from members of the BITS team about their thoughts on the program.

If your team is interested in hosting a member of the BITS team as part of the program, contact Ash Davidge on X1079.

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