Operating arrangements – Christmas and New Year

Date posted: 24 December 2018

Below are the Christmas 2018 and New Year 2019 operating arrangements for Council.

Council buildings

Facility or service Operating hours
Administration Building Open until noon, Monday 24 December 2018.
Re-open Wednesday 2 January 2019.
Works Depot Closed Monday 24 December 2018.
Re-open Wednesday 2 January 2019.
Landcare Resource Office Open until noon, Monday 24 December 2018.
Re-open Monday 7 January 2019.


There are no waste, recycling and green waste collections on Christmas Day, and so all waste will be collected a day later.

If your usual collection day is a... Your waste will be collected on
Tuesday 25 December Wednesday 26 December
Wednesday 26 December Thursday 27 December
Thursday 27 December Friday 28 December
Friday 28 December Saturday 29 December

Your bins will be serviced as usual from 1 January 2019.

Awaba Waste Management Facility Closed Christmas Day

Pools and beaches

Lake Mac Swim Centres are closed from 5pm Monday 24 December 2018 and closed Christmas Day.

Pool location       Public holiday hours
Charlestown Open: 7am-6pm
Speers Point  Open: 8am-4pm
Swansea Open: 7am-5pm
West Wallsend Open: 7am-6pm

Morisset and Toronto Swim Centres set and advertise their own hurs.

Lake Mac Beaches Public holiday hours
Catherine Hill Bay, Caves, Redhead, Blacksmiths Normal patrols

Cultural services

Facility or service Operating hours
Lake Mac Libraries

Toronto, Charlestown and Swansea: closed from noon Monday 24 December-26 December. 27 December-29 December, open 9.30am-1pm. 31 December-1 January, closed.

All other branches will remain closed from noon, Monday 24 December until Tuesday 2 January 2018.
Lake Macquarie City Art Gallery

Monday 24-26 December: Closed

Wednesday 27 December-Sunday 30 December: re-open normal hours

Monday 31 December-1 January 2019: closed
Lake Mac Visitor Information Centre Closed Christmas Day

Monday 21 December, open 10-noon

Tuesday 25-27 December: closed

Thursday 28-30 December: open 10am–1pm

Monday 31 December: open 10am-3pm

Tuesday 1-2 January 2019: closed

In case of an emergency, please contact Council on 4921 0333.

Page last updated: 24 December 2018