Discover Lake Macquarie by kayak

Date posted: 20 December 2018

A holiday in Lake Macquarie wouldn’t be complete without experiencing the beautiful namesake at the heart of the city. And what better way to explore one of the largest saltwater lakes in the Southern Hemisphere than by kayak?

With a diverse range of waterways waiting to be discovered, there are kayaking trails to suit all ages and abilities.

Those at an entry level can test their skills on the Dora Creek to the Swinging Bridge trail, or take the 6km challenge of Mannering Park to Deadwoods.

Shingle Splitters Point to Dora Creek East and Speers Point to Barnsley Weir are also fantastic options for those looking to cruise the blue waters of the Lake, with both trails being suitable for all kayaking levels.

For the more seasoned kayakers, the Wangi Wangi to Pulbah Island and Shingle Splitters Point route is a popular choice, with challenging open water sections that take skill to navigate.

Similar in its difficulty level, the Sunshine to Pulbah Island and Wangi Wangi trail is great for moderate to experienced kayakers, featuring 12km of beautiful views and pristine natural scenes.

Before any kayaking trip, remember to pack appropriate clothing and sun protection, adequate food and water supplies, a map and compass and a Personal Floatation Device (PFD), which can be included with kayak hire.

To find out more about Lake Macquarie’s tranquil kayaking trails and kayak hire, see Visit Lake Mac.

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Page last updated: 20 December 2018