Rates notices in the mail

Date posted: 22 October 2018

Lake Macquarie residents can expect to receive their next quarterly rates instalment notice for 2018-19 in the mail or by email this week.

Rates make up about half of Council’s yearly income and help to pay for a large range of facilities and services in the Lake Macquarie area, including:

“Residents have told Council, through extensive community consultation, which services and facilities they value, and it is those priorities that guide the spending of rates revenue,” Council’s Chief Financial Officer, Dwight Graham said.

Council calculates rates annually using a Base Amount, which is a uniform charge that all property owners pay, and an Ad Valorem Amount, which is based on the value of your land.

The Valuer-General conducts land valuations every three years and those assessments are used to calculate the Ad Valorem component of each landowner’s rates.

Your rates notice also includes the Domestic Waste Management Charge, which pays for waste services and helps maintain a clean environment in our City.

Residents can also receive their rates notices by email.

“We encourage ratepayers to make use of the online delivery option, which is convenient, environmentally sustainable and makes it easier for people to file records on their home

computers,” Mr Graham said.

To register to receive your rates notice by email in future, once you receive your instalment notice, simply complete the online registration form.

Council has assistance provisions for people who have difficulty paying their rates due to financial hardship. For more information on how your rates work, visit lakemac.com.au/council/rates/rates.

Page last updated: 22 October 2018