Is your bush fire safety plan up to date?

Date posted: 2 October 2018

Bush fire season is a time for everyone to exercise care and caution, and to be aware of bush fire activity in your area. With three quarters of Lake Macquarie City identified as bush fire prone, being emergency ready and prepared in advance is your best defence.

Getting ready for a bush fire is easier than you think. Make a bush fire survival plan so you know what you will do if there’s a fire near you. Here’s just a few things to help you be emergency ready:

  1. Speak about what to do if a bush fire threatens your home.
  2. Prepare your home and get ready for bush fire season.
  3. Know the bush fire alerts.
  4. Keep all bush fire information numbers, websites, and download the smart phone app.

The Rural Fire Service website has helpful information on creating your own Bush Fire Survival Plan.

Article by Lake Macquarie City Council

Page last updated: 2 October 2018