Reminder about jetty mooring limits

Date posted: 14 March 2018

Council is reminding local boaties of the mooring time limits that are in place at jetties across the City, following a number of reports of vessels overstaying the sign-posted limit.

Acting Manager Waste, Environment and Rangers, Derek Poulton, said the time limits are in place to ensure the whole community is given fair access to mooring facilities.

“The conditions of use for jetties are set out in signage at the entry to the jetty, and the end of the jetty, and one of these conditions is that vessels must not be secured for more than two hours within a 24-hour period,” Mr Poulton said.

“We appreciate the help of local boat owners in adhering to the sign-posted time limits to ensure all users can continue to enjoy our facilities.”

From Monday 19 March, Council Rangers and Roads and Maritime Services officers will commence regular monitoring and enforcement action at a number of locations around the Lake. The operation aims to ensure compliance with the conditions of use of Council jetties, in particular the two-hour mooring time limits.

Once the operation commences, Council will issue penalty infringement notices for any vessel overstaying the jetty time limit, or otherwise using the jetty in breach of any of the other conditions of use set out in the signage. The penalty currently payable for failing to comply with a public sign is $110 for each offence.

Page last updated: 14 March 2018