Lake Mac's left-hand breaks

Date posted: 11 August 2017

Goofy footers, we’ve got your back. In the lead up to International Lefthanders Day, Sunday 13 August, we’ve put together a list of some left-hand breaks you’ll find along Lake Mac’s pristine coast.

Remember, these spots may be popular with surfers, but you’re always safest at Lake Macquarie’s four patrolled beaches, Redhead, Blacksmiths, Caves and Catherine Hill Bay.


South of Swansea Heads, off Pacific Drive, you’ll find Crabbes Beach. This curving 300m sand and cobble stretch of coastline, tucked within a small bay, is a great spot for goofy footers, particularly the northern end towards the Illawong Park headland. Crabbes has extensive rock platforms and waves can break heavily off the rocks and reefs.


Further south again from Crabbes, you’ll find Frenchman’s Beach and the popular Frenchman’s Rock. There’s a break out behind the rock platform on most days, stretching south towards Caves Beach when conditions are really good.


North of the historic shark tower at Redhead Beach, you’ll find a decent left, which breaks over a sandy rock-reef. North-easterly winds and swell get this spot working. It also has the added benefit of being one of Lake Macquarie’s four patrolled beaches.


While it might be best known for its right, there’s plenty of left action at this secluded beach break. It needs a big swell to work but when it does, you can expect waves in excess of six foot.


Named for the nearby Catherine Hill Bay Cemetery, you’ll find Graveyards at the northern end of Catherine Hill Bay Beach (Catho to the locals). The headland produces a solid left.

Page last updated: 11 August 2017