Living Smart Festival stallholder terms and conditions

We are committed to 'walk the talk' in the delivery of the Living Smart Festival. We aim to demonstrate sustainability in every aspect of the event and encourage our stallholders and partner organisations to be sustainable in their practices.
Our sustainability commitment
•    Reduce unnecessary consumption of energy and water
•    Source local products and services
•    Avoid waste and single use items
•    Re-use what’s at our disposal and source pre-loved items
•    Use recyclable materials and provide recycling services
•    Promote cleaner, greener transport options
•    Showcase and protect Lake Mac’s natural environment
•    Work with partners, stallholders and community to implement new ideas and celebrate our achievements
Sustainability conditions
1.    As part of the stallholder application form vendors are required to indicate what step/s they currently take to promote sustainability. As part of the form, stallholders have an opportunity to make a pledge to improve the sustainability of their operation to feature on the event web page.
2.    Preference for stall spaces will be given to stallholders who demonstrate commitment to sustainability, the ethos of the Event, local community groups, and/or sell sustainability-related products e.g. solar, energy and water saving products, upcycled or second hand items, organic gardening, electric bicycles, hand-made artisanal products and locally sourced organic food/drink.  
3.    Where two or more stalls of similar product lines apply at The Living Smart Festival, preference will be given to stalls with local (Lake Macquarie) and/or Australian made products.
4.    LMCC is committed to improve waste reduction at the event. As the majority of waste at the festival is generated by food/beverage products and packaging, we particularly ask for the cooperation of all food vendor stallholders to achieve our aim of reducing waste sent to landfill. Stallholder/vendors must agree to the following waste management requirements:
i.    Take all practical measures to avoid packaging and the generation of unnecessary waste from their stall
ii.    Sort recyclable waste and place into the appropriate bins provided. There will be recycling, cardboard, organic waste and mixed waste bins available
iii.    Donate unused food items to OzHarvest or recycle food waste using the organic waste bins on site
iv.    Food stallholders should provide compostable and/or biodegradable crockery/cutlery and serviceware
v.    No styrofoam cups
vi.    No plastic bags
vii.    No bottled water to be sold
viii.    No plastic straws, only reusable or paper straws permitted
ix.    Consider discount for customers with reusable coffee cups
x.    Single-serve items such as individual sugars, salts or sauces are also discouraged where this does not conflict with food safety requirements
xi.    No balloons
xii.    Promotional giveaways must provide sustainability benefit
xiii.    Cleanliness of the site and surrounding areas is the responsibility of each stallholder. Stallholders are required to remove all belongings and not leave waste beside bins or in any other place that will create litter
xiv.    Oils and grey water must be sealed in containers before removal from the site
xv.    All polystyrene to be placed in the appropriate supplied receptable on site and no polystyrene to be put in waste bins
Stallholder terms and conditions
General conditions
1.    Hours of trade on the day will be between 8am and 2pm.
2.    Stallholders must set up for trade either between 9am – 4pm on Friday 21 September 2018 OR between 6am and 7.45am on Saturday 22 September 2018.
3.    Stallholders must occupy their stall for the duration of the Festival i.e. 8am-2pm. This means stallholders cannot cease trading or pack up until the conclusion of the event without permission of the event organisers.
4.    Unless otherwise agreed by the event organiser, all vehicles must leave the grounds by 7:30am and vehicles must not re-enter until after 2:30pm. Only essential vehicles will be permitted to remain in the park.
5.    A non-compliance fee of $100 (+GST) will be charged to stallholders who do not comply with all the terms and conditions of this event and for the category of stall they have applied for.
6.    The eligibility of application for a stall of a particular category as well as the location of the stalls will be at the discretion of the organisers.
7.    The event organisers will not offer or imply sole rights or exclusivity for any product or service on display.
8.    Lake Macquarie City Council reserves the right to decline stallholder and vendor applications to trade at The Living Smart Festival.
9.    If your application is accepted, a confirmation letter and a Tax Invoice will be issued for payment. All site fees must be paid by the date specified on the invoice. Failure to pay the invoice by the due date will result in your site being offered to another applicant on the waiting list.
10.    The Living Smart Festival is a glass free event. The sale of any food or drink in glasses or glass packaging is prohibited (unless otherwise agreed by the event organiser for items e.g. pre-packaged jams).
11.    Stallholders are only permitted to sell at their stall space (including raffle tickets). Soliciting (roaming) is not permitted.
12.    Sound amplification will not be permitted.
13.    Stallholders are required to remove all display material and stall equipment from the premises by 6pm on Saturday 22 September 2018 or between 8am and 12pm on Sunday 23 September 2018.
14.    Digging holes or driving any objects into the ground is forbidden, as there are electrical and water services just beneath the surface. Any damage resulting from such actions will be repaired at the expense of the stallholder.
15.    Irrespective of weather conditions, all marquee legs must be weighted down with heavy sandbags or with appropriate and secure weights at all times.  Note: This is a mandatory requirement irrespective of weather conditions.  A Council WHS volunteer will be inspecting the safety and installation of all stallholders prior to 8am on 22 September 2018.  
16.    For marketing purposes, the event organisers may provide business contact details to media contacts and sponsors. Information about stallholders and their sustainability actions (pledges) may also be included in Festival promotional material (such as Council's website, social media accounts or print advertising).
17.    Stallholders are required to have Public Liability Insurance to a minimum of $20 million dollars. Proof of insurance must be provided to the event organiser by post, fax or email at the time of application for a stall.
18.    Stallholders serving food must supply a copy of their Food Safety Inspection Certificate.
19.    Stallholders must ensure that safe practices are upheld throughout the operation of the stall. This includes abiding by all safety regulations, WHS protocols, as well as workplace health and safety standards.
20.    All electrical leads require tagging and testing by a certified electrician IAW Australian Standards AS/NZ 3760:2010. Internal leads (i.e. those inside your van) and equipment must be tagged and tested within an interval of 12 months and external leads (i.e. from your van to the power source) within an interval of three months. External leads must not be dug into the ground. Please provide your own flypoles as it is your responsibility to fly all leads 2.4 metres off the ground prior to the start of the event.
21.    The sale of alcohol is strictly prohibited, unless otherwise agreed by the event organiser. Stallholders, who have been given written permission to sell alcohol, are required to provide copies of their On Licence and Responsible Service of Alcohol Certificates to the organisers with their applications. Such stalls must be manned by RSA trained staff at all times.
22.    In the event that the festival is cancelled by LMCC, refunds will be provided for stall fees. If a cancellation by a stallholder is made prior to Wednesday 19 September 2018 a refund will be issued. If a cancellation is made after this date refunds will not be issued. Administration charges for cancellation may apply.
23.    Stallholders indemnify the event organisers against all actions, claims, reasonable costs, losses, and damages in respect of loss of or damage to property or personal injury (including death) or illness to any person in association with the establishment, operation, and removal of any trading premises during the day of the event.
24.    Those stallholders invited to speak or run a workshop at the event will be eligible for a free stallholder space (excluding infrastructure and power). Suitability and acceptance of speakers and workshop providers will be at the discretion of the event organiser. Please enquire if interested.

Page last updated: 13 June 2018