City of Lake Macquarie Disability Inclusion Action Plan 2017-2021 - page 9

Disability Inclusion Action Plan
Lake Macquarie City
Disability Inclusion Act 2014
the legislative foundation for Local
Government Disability Inclusion
and Access planning. The
Inclusion Act 2014
is related to the
following International, National and
State legislations. This is illustrated
in Figure 1 - relationships between
the relevant policy and legislative
• UN convention of the Rights of
Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD):
The UNCRPD was adopted by the
Australian Government in 2008, and
recognises that people with disability
have the same human rights as
those without disability.
• National Disability Strategy (NDS):
The strategy was developed in
support for Australia’s commitment
to the UNCRPD, to improve the lives
of Australians with disability, their
families and carers.
• National Disability Insurance
Scheme (NDIS): Funding is
allocated to eligible individuals
allowing them more choice and
control over the supports they
require. Whilst the NDIS was
introduced in Lake Macquarie City
in 2016, the whole program will be
implemented NSW wide by 2018.
• Commonwealth
Discrimination Act 1992
The DDA makes it against the law
to discriminate against someone if
they have a disability in the following
areas of life: employment; education;
access to premises; provision
of goods, services and facilities;
accommodation; buying land;
activities of clubs and associations;
sport; and administration of
Commonwealth Government laws
and programs. The DDA also
protects people who have some
form of personal connection with a
person with a disability like relatives,
friends, carers and co-workers
from discrimination because of their
connection or relationship.
• Commonwealth Disability (Access
to Premises – Buildings) Standards
2010: These standards ensure
that any application for a building
approval for a new building or
upgrade of an existing building
will require an application to be
lodged and approved based on the
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