City of Lake Macquarie Disability Inclusion Action Plan 2017-2021 - page 7

Disability Inclusion Action Plan
Lake Macquarie City
NSW Disability Inclusion Act
(DIA) requires NSW Government
agencies and local councils to prepare
a coordinated and unified Disability
Inclusion Action Plan by 1 July 2017.
It is a requirement that all Disability
Inclusion Action Plans cover the
following key focus areas:
1. developing positive community
attitudes and behaviours;
2. creating liveable communities;
3. supporting access to meaningful
employment; and
4. improving access to mainstream
services through better systems and
Lake Macquarie City Council is
committed to ensure that local services,
facilities and programs provided by
Council are inclusive to members of
the community. Council supports the
rights of people with disability in our
community to have equal access to
opportunities, services and facilities
and choice over how to live their lives
as all residents do.
Community consultation for the
Disability Inclusion Action Plan was
conducted in August and September
2016 where the community were
asked to share ideas on ways Council
can make it easier for people with
disability to live in Lake Macquarie.
Questions were based around the four
key focus areas.
The community participated in the
following ways:
• Hunter School Leavers expo;
• online ideas wall;
• feedback surveys;
• community consultation
meetings with local service
providers and groups;
• workshop with Council’s Ageing
and Disability Panel; and
• informal conversations and
The plan was developed in line with
the NSW Disability Inclusion Action
Planning Guidelines Local Government.
The draft plan was reported to Council
in April and placed on public exhibition
for 28 days.
Following the exhibition period, no
significant changes were required and
the Plan has been adopted by Council.
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