City of Lake Macquarie Disability Inclusion Action Plan 2017-2021 - page 15

Disability Inclusion Action Plan
Lake Macquarie City
• more than half of those with a disability aged
15 to 64 years participated in the labour force
(53.4 per cent), which is considerably fewer
than those without a disability (83.2 per cent);
• the weekly median income of people with a
disability was $465, which was less than half
of those with no reported disability;
• almost 2.7 million Australians were carers
(11.6 per cent);
• the average age of a primary carer was
55 years;
• more than one-third of primary carers
(37.8 per cent) were living with a disability
• almost one in 12 Australians with a disability
(281,100 people or 8.6 per cent) reported
they had experienced discrimination or unfair
treatment because of their disability;
• young people with a disability (aged 15
to 24 years) were more likely to report the
experience of discrimination (20.5 per cent)
than those aged 65 years and over (2.1 per
cent); and
• more than one-third (35.1 per cent) of women
and more than one-quarter (28.1 per cent)
of men aged 15 years and over had avoided
situations because of their disability.
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