City of Lake Macquarie Disability Inclusion Action Plan 2017-2021 - page 11

Disability Inclusion Action Plan
Lake Macquarie City
The Lake Macquarie City Disability Inclusion
Action Plan has been prepared in line with the
City Vision developed for the Lake Macquarie
Community Strategic Plan 2017-2027. This plan
sets out the community values, main priorities
and long-term strategies to achieve this Vision.
Members of the community provided extensive
input to the Strategic Plan 2017-2027 through a
range of community engagement methods.
The community values for the City are:
1. Unique landscape
– a place where the
natural environment (bushland, coast, lake
and mountains) is protected and enhanced:
where our existing urban centres are the
focus of our growth, maintaining their unique
2. Lifestyle and wellbeing
– a place
that encourages safe active and social
3. Mobility and accessibility
– effective
transport systems that provide choices
to conveniently move people, goods and
4. Diverse economy
– which is resilient
and adaptable to change, making the best
use of the unique advantages of our location
and lifestyle.
5. Connected communities
– that support
and care for all and provide a sense of
6. Creativity
– working together with creative
processes and outcomes that bring together
history, culture, knowledge and expertise
that supports new technologies and ways
of thinking.
7. Shared decision making
– Lake Macquarie
communities continue shared responsibility
for governance.
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