Sustainable neighbourhoods

The Sustainable Neighbourhoods program supports communities to plan and make changes that will reduce their ecological footprint, protect the natural environment, and increase community wellbeing and pride in their local area.

Residents can contribute to sustainability by working together in Sustainable Neighbourhood groups.

What do Sustainable Neighbourhood groups do

Each Sustainable Neighbourhood group develops a Sustainable Neighbourhood Action Plan that identifies a community vision, the values that are important to the people in that community and a list of projects that community members want to do to help build a sustainable neighbourhood. The ideas and projects may be different for each community. The group will then plan and implement activities and projects to achieve their goals.

Some projects local groups are working on include:

The Lake Macquarie Sustainable Neighbourhood Alliance (Inc) supports Sustainable Neighbourhood Groups across the City.

How does Council support Sustainable Neighbourhoods

Council staff work with group members to develop a Sustainable Neighbourhood Action Plan (SNAP) for each neighbourhood and assist with resources for community engagement, grant applications, and activity promotion and supports groups by:

How can I get involved

Get involved in a local project, meet your neighbours and learn new skills. Sustainable Neighbourhood groups are always looking for new volunteers to help make our neighbourhoods more sustainable.

Join a group

Find a group near you and contact the group representative for the next meeting date or upcoming activity. View the list of Sustainable Neighbourhood groups.

Start a new group

If your local area does not have a group, you can nominate your neighbourhood to be placed on a waiting list for when resources become available. You might like to join in with activities of a nearby group in the meantime.

Page last updated: 11 July 2016