Sustainability programs

We have a series of programs to engage residents to participate in better sustainable practices at home, in the workplace or in their community.

You can keep up to date on events, competitions, workshops and much more by subscribing to the Ecoadvocate newsletter. The newsletter is published quarterly and includes some special feature editions throughout the year.

You can also become a member of Lake Mac Grows on Facebook, a community of gardeners committed to growing, sharing and eating fresh local produce. Share your story, your skills and your harvest and eat better for less.

Backyard and Beyond

Your Dollars, Your Choices

Save money and help the environment by reducing your resource consumption.


Find out about Landcare groups in Lake Macquarie

Backyard habitat for wildlife program

Help create habitat for local wildlife in your backyard

Community Ecosystem Monitoring

Provides access to the community collected data and health report for var…

Lake and Freshwater Catchment Ecosystem Health Scorecards

Council's Freshwater Catchment Ecosystem Health Scorecards provide a sna…

Eco Angel program

A program designed to help groups keep Lake Macquarie clean all year round

Super Street Sale

Get together with your neighbours and hold a Super Street Sale

Sustainable Neighbourhoods

Support your community by joining the Sustainable Neighbourhoods program



Page last updated: 02 July 2018