Schools and educational resources

Lake Macquarie City Council offers a wide range of educational resources for teachers, students, business, and residents. We also offer a Sustainable Schools Program for schools in the Lake Macquarie Local Government Area, the program includes:

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A free recycling service is offered by Hunter Resource Recovery on behalf of Council. At least three 240 litre recycling bins are available to schools for free fortnightly collection. Larger schools (more than 500 students) are eligible for additional bins. Additional collection services can be arranged for a fee. Waste audit kits can help to reduce your school waste and save money. These kits are available for loan. Contact Hunter Resource Recovery on 1800 838 884.

Recycle your schools soft plastic through the Redcycle program

Green waste bins

Green waste bins are available for school garden and food waste.

School group tours

School students can get a taste of local government in a two-hour educational tour of Lake Macquarie City Council.

Responsible pet ownership

Council rangers can visit your school for educational sessions on responsible pet ownership. Contact Council for more information.

Water safety

Council Lifeguards can visit your school for educational sessions on water safety. For further information or to book, contact Council.

School Habitat for Wildlife

School grounds are often mini-corridors between bushland reserves. Join the Backyard Habitat for Wildlife program to learn how to create wildlife-friendly habitat.


Many schools have incorporated Landcare activities into their school holiday program through the curriculum, elective subjects and even as a weekly sport activity. There are a range of activities that students can be involved in. Create a bush food garden, wildlife habitat or even an organic vegetable plot. National Schools Tree Day will be held on Friday 27 July 2018. Plant requests for National Tree Day must be submitted to Lake Macquarie Landcare by the end of Term 1.

Community ecosystem monitoring

Join the Community Ecosystem Monitoring Program to monitor terrestrial and aquatic environments to grade the health of our land and waterways, the program includes Waterwatch.

Special dates

Additional resources

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