Environment reports and plans

State of the Environment - our environmental report card

The State of the Environment (SoE) report contains information regarding the current condition of Lake Macquarie's environment, the pressures being placed on it and how Council will manage and respond to these pressures.

The latest report provides an assessment of the current condition of the environmental sectors including energy, waste, water and land (including Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal heritage), transport, natural environment, climate change adaptation, natural hazards and environmental health.

The report also highlights the City's efforts to better integrate environmental, social, economic and governance goals.

Our environmental actions

Imagine Lake Macquarie in 2023, after Council and the community have spent another 10 years working together to reduce the City's environmental footprint.

The Environmental Sustainability Action Plan 2014-2023 tells residents what Council will do to achieve improved environmental sustainability for the Lake Macquarie City.

The Plan is used for sustainability planning, decision-making and action. It incorporates environmental actions from all Council’s strategic planning documents.

The Action Plan covers the following priority areas:

How Council is working sustainably

Lake Macquarie City Council is working hard to reduce its environmental footprint, particularly in the areas of energy, transport, waste and water management. We also aim to improve employee wellbeing and the condition of Council-owned land and property.

This is part of a broader initiative to reduce the footprint for the entire City. Council is developing and using innovative strategies to achieve a three per cent a year reduction in its carbon footprint.

Page last updated: 27 December 2017