Clearing entitlement areas

Rural Fire Service 10/50 Vegetation Clearing Entitlement Areas

The 10/50 Vegetation Clearing Scheme enables people living within proximity to a bushfire threat to be prepared for bushfires.

The scheme allows you to:

You can find out if your property is in a 10/50 Vegetation Clearing Entitlement Area using the NSW Rural Fire Service online tool.

Visit the NSW Rural Fire Service or call 1800 679 737 for details about 10/50 vegetation clearing.

Trees on clearing entitlement areas

Trees on properties identified as being within the vegetation clearing entitlement area may still be protected by development consent conditions or tree management plans.

For enquires and advice, contact our Customer Service Centre on 02 4921 0333 or email

Trees on rural land zoned RU2 RU3 RU4 and RU6

Native tree and vegetation removal on rural land zoned RU2 RU3 RU4 and RU6 within Lake Macquarie may require a permit.

Council does not administer applications for tree removal on rural land zoned RU2, RU3, RU4 and RU6. The Local Land Services (LLS) can provide advice and permits in accordance with the Local Land Services Amendment Act 2016, which covers vegetation management on rural land. Use the LLS online tool to find out whether clearing activities require approval. You can contact LLS on 1300 795 299 for more information.

Page last updated: 05 October 2017