Fire safety

Fire safety is an integral part of the building and development process.

All residential dwellings, townhouses, units, apartments, flats, and places of shared accommodation must have smoke alarms installed in appropriate locations.

Smoke alarms are simple and effective devices that can help save lives by providing building occupants with an early warning of the presence of a fire, giving them time to escape from the building. Smoke alarms can also help reduce property damage through earlier fire brigade intervention.

Annual fire safety statements

Make sure you are up to date with essential fire safety measures

Essential fire safety measures

Measures for accommodation, commercial, industrial and public buildings

Smoke alarms

Understand the smoke alarm regulations

Sprinkler systems

Mandatory for aged care facilities in NSW

Interim/Final fire safety certificate

Assessment of fire safety measures installed in a building


Find out what you need to do if you are planning to use fireworks

Fire safety upgrades

Learn how to comply with fire safety regulations

Page last updated: 23 February 2018