Spa, indoor and portable pool requirements

Inflatable, demountable and portable pool requirements

Drowning is a leading cause of preventable death in children under 5 years of age. While fun for small children, serious hazards are associated with inflatable and portable pools.

The Swimming Pools Act 1992 requires all swimming pools, including inflatable or portable pools, to have a child-resistant barrier to prevent drownings.

Large inflatable pool 300mm or more in height

You need approval to install an inflatable or portable pool that can be filled with a capacity greater than 2000 litres.

You must, by law, have a child-resistant barrier constructed to Australian Standards around any pool that is capable of being filled with water greater than 300mm in depth.

Small inflatable pools under 300mm in height

If you cannot afford to provide a fence around an inflatable or portable pool that is capable of being filled with water greater than 300mm in depth, your only option is to purchase a smaller inflatable pool that is less than 300mm in height that you can put away after each use.

Spa pools

A spa pool (also known as a hot tub or jacuzzi) is subject to the same requirements as an indoor or outdoor pool. The spa must be surrounded by either:

Note: a testing apparatus is defined within Australian Standard AS1926.1 - Swimming Pool Safety Part 1 - Safety Barriers for Swimming Pools

Indoor pools

Owners must ensure that access to an indoor pool area is restricted in accordance with the Swimming Pools Act, 1992. The standard for restriction, for example child-resistant windows and child-resistant doors, are set out in AS1926.1.

Indoor pool access door

A side-hung door forming part of a barrier for an indoor pool must open outwards from the indoor pool area and the latching device must be located at least 1500mm from floor level.

Glass viewing door insert

It is recommended that a glass-viewing insert be provided within the door of an indoor pool area to enable viewing into the pool area and for safety when the door is being opened.

Page last updated: 13 July 2017