Plumbing and drainage inspection process

Inspection process

1. Lodging a Notice of Work

A Notice of Work (NoW) is a form that specifies the plumbing and drainage work to be carried out.

By law, plumbers and drainers must submit a Notice of Work before starting work, except in some circumstances, for instance, the legislation exempts emergency work and minor works if the location of fixtures does not change.

You can lodge the Notice of Works with Council online, in person or by post. When a Notice of Works is submitted, Council generates a plumbing and drainage application, allocating a plumbing and drainage reference number. You will need to use that number in further interaction with Council.

Lodge a Notice of Works

2. Paying inspection fees

You will need to pay for an plumbing and drainage inspection fee when you lodge an application.

There are two types of fees:

  1. New works (up to four inspections).
  2. Refit or alter (up to two inspections).

We may charge for required additional inspections.

3. Booking inspections

You need to submit a Notice of Work (Plumbing and Drainage application) and pay inspection fees before booking an inspection, which you can do online or by calling 02 4921 0333.

Inspections are required when:

Inspections are generally required when:

In certain circumstances, an inspection may be carried out at any time during the installation process, for instance, when the sanitary plumbing is finished and before the premises are occupied.

Inspections are available between 7am and 3pm on weekdays.

For more information, contact Council on 02 4921 0333.

Watagan Park Estate Cooranbong

Watagan Park Estate Cooranbong has two water and sewerage authorities, Hunter Water Corporation and Flow Systems Pty Ltd. To simplify the inspection process, Council and Fair Trading have come to an agreement that Fair Trading will carry out all inspection work defined under the Plumbing and Drainage Act 2011 within this estate.

If your property lies within Watagan Park Estate Cooranbong, book your inspection online or contact NSW Fair Trading on 1300 889 099.

4. Submitting Sewer Service Diagram, Certificate of Compliance or other documentation at final inspection

A Sewer Service Diagram (SSD) shows the location of private sewer pipes on a property. Licensed plumbers and drainers are required to submit an updated or new SSD to Council and the property owner at completion of the drainage work.

A Certificate of Compliance confirms the finished work complies with the Act, Regulation, Plumbing Code of Australia and standards (AS/NZS 3500).

Licensed plumbers and drainers are required to complete and submit a Certificate of Compliance at completion of all work they undertake.

You can submit SSDs, Certificate of Compliance and any other documentation to Council by email, post or in person:

PO Box 1906 Hunter Region Mail Centre, NSW2310
126-138 Main Road, Speers Point, NSW2284
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