Planning for West Wallsend

Information for Appletree Grove and West Wallsend subdivisions

Hammersmith Management Pty Limited is developing a 404 lot residential extension to West Wallsend, which requires sensitivity to potential impacts to the existing heritage character of the area.

The heritage precinct consists of West Wallsend and Holmesville, within a natural landscape amphitheatre dominated by Sugarloaf Mountain to the west. The strongest heritage character is found within the inner residential fabric of the West Wallsend Village, which has a traditional sub-urban character typical of towns in NSW circa turn of the 19th Century.

A key objective is to ensure the development complements, and not detracts from, the existing character that makes up the town's identity.

In order to integrate with the existing heritage character, an understanding and response has been developed at all stages of the project from the Master Plan through to the streetscape and landscape design and now through to the building design.

The integrated approach seeks to form a respectful contemporary extension to West Wallsend and Holmesville that is embraced by the community.

Heritage and Urban Design Guidelines

The heritage and urban design guidelines are applicable to all new lots within the Appletree Grove Estate at West Wallsend. A public positive covenant will be placed on the title of each lot in the subdivision, requiring that the development is in accordance with the guidelines. The guidelines set out requirements for future dwellings including building orientation, setbacks, building heights, verandas, fencing, roof design, materials and colours, and landscaping.

Development Control Plan

The Lake Macquarie Development Control Plan 2014 has a Heritage Area Plan for West Wallsend.

Page last updated: 21 December 2018