Plan your development

If you are constructing something on your property – from fences, carports, sheds to a new residential, industrial or commercial building – you need to know whether you are required to obtain an approval and what development controls apply.

Development consulting tools

Planning and guidelines

Depending on the type of your development, you will need to access local planning controls and guidelines.

When is approval required for development

Download, complete and return this form to apply for Development Consent,…

Building and planning enquiries

Find out how to get general building and planning advice

Concept and pre-lodgement meetings

Bridging the gap between the advice you get and the lodgement process

Development Contributions

These are funds collected to support the growth of developed areas

Planning agreements

Voluntary Planning Agreement - George Booth Drive

SEPP 65 Urban Design Review

SEPP 65 seeks to improve the design quality of residential apartments.

Land rezoning

Understand the process of redefining use of land for development

Development in sea level rise affected areas

Learn about the local adaptation plans to address sea level rise

Development in flood affected areas

How we manage flood prone land plan for sea level rise

Development of heritage affected properties

Find information on heritage guidelines to plan for development works

Development in a bushfire prone area

Guidelines to assist your development application in bush fire prone areas

Development fact sheets

Home Business Fact Sheet - Hairdressing, Beauty and Skin Penetration Prem…

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