Lodge an application

Once you have completed your application form and customised list of requirements you are ready to lodge your application.

You may lodge your development application using one of the methods listed below:

    1. Counter lodgement  - visit our Customer Service Centre and speak to a Customer Service Officer who will check to make sure you have prepared the necessary documentation. At this time you will also need to pay the relevant fees.
    2. Lodge by mail - ensure you include all required documentation to ensure a speedy assessment.
    3. Lodgement interview - this method of lodgement is reserved for medium and major application types. Find out how to book a lodgement interview.

Important information - electronic/digital copies

In addition to hard copies of the application documentation, applicants are required to provide an electronic/digital copy of all documents, including all written reports/statements and plans when lodging Development Applications.

Why are electronic copies of applications being requested

The NSW Government is encouraging Councils to make planning information available in electronic formats with the aim of modernising record keeping and access to information. Furthermore, Council is consistently looking at ways we can improve our operations and the level of customer service. The submission of an electronic copy of the application will enable us to introduce improvements that will enable customers to lodge applications electronically and speed up the processing of applications.

How is the electronic copy to be submitted

Electronic information is to be flattened (no layers), without security/protection and formatted in PDF format, and submitted on a (non-returnable) USB stick, CD or DVD. A separate USB stick should be used for each application.

How should the documents be titled

Each plan or document should be a separate file with the exception of elevation plans, which can be multiple pages. The filename should be a short title describing the plan or document. For example:

      • Site plan – 126 Main Road Speers Point
      • Internal floor plan layout – 126 Main Road Speers Point
      • Elevations – 126 Main Road Speers Point
      • Statement of Environmental Effects – 126 Main Road Speers Point

Please note: Internal floor layouts for residential dwellings need to be a separate file. We encourage applicants not to place files in sub-folders or use special characters in titling of your document e.g. ? / # $.

What happens if an electronic copy of the application is not provided

An additional fee will be charged to cover the cost of scanning documents that are not in electronic format. The fee will be in accordance with Council's Pricing Policy.

Do I still need to provide a set of hard copy documents

Yes, three (3) sets of hard copy plans and documents are still required at this stage. The preferred plan size is A3, however A2, A1 or A0 plans should be used where the scale of the proposed development warrants a larger size.

Are electronic copies required for S96 applications or the submission of an amended plan

Yes, if an application is made to modify a development application or if amended plans are submitted to Council, an electronic copy of the application should be provided. A fee will be charged if Council needs to scan hardcopy plans.

Is an electronic copy of the application form required

Yes, an electronic copy of the form is required, where possible. Council will not charge you if you are unable to provide the application form in electronic format.

Page last updated: 04 May 2017