Development guidelines and standard drawings

Natural environment guidelines

The guidelines below cater for different purposes.

You should consult these guides if you are making any management and planning decisions that could affect specific threatened species and their habitat in Lake Macquarie.

You should also use them for field surveys and prioritising research.

Development guidelines

The City of Lake Macquarie has a range of development guidelines that show you how to prepare specific information - which should be submitted with your development application.
The guidelines you need to use are highlighted in our citywide Lake Macquarie Development Control Plan 2014.

DCP – General

DCP - Environment

DCP – Economic

DCP – Energy

DCP – Flooding

DCP – Heritage

DCP -   Landscape and Engineering Design

Design guidelines

Construction guidelines

Standard drawings

DCP – Social

DCP – Streetscape Improvements

DCP – Subdivision

DCP – Traffic

DCP – Waste


Page last updated: 16 August 2018