Your property and flooding

Is your property flood prone

Minimising flood damage is a community responsibility. Whether you are a resident or a business owner, you have a responsibility to do whatever you can to prepare your property and minimise the potential impact of flooding or sea level rise inundation.

Flood Enquiry tools

These tools allow you to find out if your lot is considered to be at risk of flooding.

Flood maps

The following maps are only an indicative of allotments that are at risk of flooding.If your allotment has been identified as potentially flood prone, you need to call us to confirm whether only parts or all of the lot is at risk of flooding.

Lake Waterway Flood Study maps: These maps show the extent of flooding for most of the foreshore areas around the lake waterway.

Flood Control Lots: This map shows the whole lake and flood control lots rather than the extent of flooding. This map was prepared for the Draft DCP in 2012.

If your property has been identified as a Flood Control Lot, it may have flood-related development conditions placed upon it through local planning, building and development guidelines. Have a look at our Development in Flood Prone Areas page for more information.

Inundation Hazard: This map shows the area that may be inundated with 0.9m sea level rise.

Lake Macquarie Catchments and Flood Studies Map: This map shows areas in the City where Council has completed a detailed Flood Study or Flood Risk Management Plan.

Flood Certificate or Flooding/Tidal Inundation Certificate

To find out exactly how your property is affected by flooding and the development conditions that apply, you need to complete and lodge the Flood Certificate or Flooding/Tidal Inundation Certificate. A fee applies to this service.

Enquiries about flood planning and map requests

For advice about allotments that are at risk of flooding and development controls that might apply, call our Customer Service Centre on 02 4921 0333.

Page last updated: 12 May 2016